Mountain Bike and its Varieties for Betting

Beginning bettors often start betting on such popular cycling events as the Tour de France and, convinced of the profitability and entertainment of these events, do not want to discover other types of championships. We want to warn you against this mistake and tell you about a separate type of off-road bike competition, which is the most spectacular and extreme. Such tournaments are suitable for lovers of risk and excitement. Bets on such events will not leave you indifferent and will help you get a hefty dose of adrenaline.

Types of Mountain Bike Competitions

Mountain biking is the most extreme kind of cycling, which is most popular among the most reckless bettors. Such events are held among cyclists who use specially designed bicycles that allow them to ride off-road terrain.
Many bookmakers provide the opportunity to place wagers on mountain bike tournaments. Let’s take a closer look at its varieties.
Bicycle trial is the most common type of bike championship. It originated in Spain in the early 80s of the XX century. The main goal of such races is to overcome such obstacles as logs, boards, pits, stones without using arms and legs. Events of this type are widely represented among bookmakers and are held all year round.

  • Dirt jumping is a traumatic and spectacular type of biking competition. In such events, cyclists jump over springboards while performing special tricks in the air. Watching such a championship and making bets is a real test for nerves.
  • Street – the street direction of cycling. Not official, but very favored among young people. Such races are held on the streets of the city. Their goal is to overcome obstacles and perform tricks.
  • Slopestyle – is a biking competition in aerial acrobatics on bicycles. Very spectacular and extreme event. Cyclists accelerate and jump on ski jumps performing tricks. It is very popular among young people and fans of extreme sports.
  • Cross-country contains a large number of steep descents and climbs along with obstacles. Betting on such races can be quite risky, as the outcome of the race often remains a mystery until the very end.
  • Parallel slalom – such cycling championships are designed for the simultaneous participation of 4 cyclists. They have to make a cross-country race competing with each other. Participants are even allowed to collide with each other. Such tournaments are extremely traumatic and require specially designed bicycles with a reinforced frame and a low center of gravity. Bets on such events will not leave you indifferent!
  • Downhill – participants strive to overtake each other and come to the finish line first. Such championships are filled with the spirit of competition and extreme sports. The weight of the athlete’s bike according to the regulations should not exceed 20 kilograms.
  • Freeride is a race without any paved track, mostly in mountainous terrain. The cyclist chooses the route for himself. Such events require protective helmets and a high degree of cycling skill.
  • Uphill – in this type of cycling competition, cyclists have to make a high-speed climb up a steep mountainside. Such races require tremendous strength and endurance. Bicycles for such climbs should be as light as possible – about 10 kilograms.
  • North Shore – the essence of such competitions is to overcome the track with artificial obstacles made of logs. Traumatic and spectacular type of sports. The athlete needs to show not only endurance but also ingenuity.

Discover the Extreme Side of Cycling!

If you are bored with calm races on flat tracks and your soul requires extreme sports, then betting on off-road bike competitions is just for you! Try to make at least one bet on events in the above disciplines and you will never again refuse such a surge of excitement and adrenaline.