10 reasons to choose a Spinebike


Be smart

Choose the only ebike that pays you for every kilometer you ride. Spend your SC$ in our partners’ network and discover how to earn money just by cycling.


Be cool

Choose to be sustainable and to reduce your carbon footprint in every-day trips. Your SPINE is the best choice to spice up sunny days.


be the first

Spine is connected and always up to date: we costantly hand-pick the best technologies and models, we want to give you the best bike experience ever.


be paid

Lend your SPINE to your friends thanks to our spinelock system. You can be paid in Spinecoins and get rewards faster!


be social

Are you cycle friendly? Be a part of the evolution of bike riding! Shoot a selfie with your SPINE and use #RIDEresponsibly, you will be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages!


easy to use

We will provide your brand new SPINE. Just adjust the handlebar and seat before to start re-discovering your city. Once you’ve cycled enough, why don’t you stop for a coffee in the corner bar? You’ll just need a few SC$!


for everyone

Our models fit all budgets. The more you ride your SPINE, the more you will earn, the faster you will pay it back!


We support all Spiners

You can talk to us over the phone or by email anytime. In our shops you will always be able to charge or pump your SPINE and why not, to enjoy a coffee or a drink with our team.


Be healthy

Cycling makes you burn calories! Do you need motivation to excercise? Well, now you are paid when you ride your SPINE!


Be sustainable

Riding your SPINE will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Leave your car in the garage, she won’t be offended!

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