Are you a company or a mobility manager?

Are you in the bike business or you would just love to have your ebike fleet?


Ebike cycling is a trending topic,  growing among people involved in low carbon and sustainable lifestyles.


Ebikes are an alternative to scooters, cars and public transport. Arrange mobility programs for your employees and/or your costumers!


Studies have shown that people used to ride bikes are happier and better performers.


Ebikes make urban mobility faster, cheaper and healthier.


Spinebike is the best choice for workers and tourists of the modern metropolis!

Create your tailor-made Spinesystem!

You can compose the Spinesystem that fit your needs,

 the only limit is your imagination!



We have the right Spine to create the ebike fleet for every business model.


We can give you the most advanced hardware + software padlock-management solutions.

Reward calculator mechanism

We can customize the Spinecoin app for your employees and costumers, and you can be the sponsor for any of them!


We can design a closed interface for companies or hotels, loyalty will be granted by your spine system!

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